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Chindalur Traffic Solutions, Inc.

Chindalur Traffic Solutions, Inc. (CTSi) provides traffic/transportation engineering, planning and modeling services to both public and private sector clients. The firm was founded in 2014 with an objective to provide a quality and cost-effective traffic/transportation solutions.

CTSi uses a combined analysis and simulation approach to evaluate and solve traffic related problems and deficiencies in the transportation network.


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Depending on the project, evaluations may include any or all of the following: vehicular and freight movements, public transit, parking, pedestrian and bicycle travel. CTSi understands that decisions made during the analysis and preliminary concept/design phase impact the cost, schedule and constructability of the ultimate design.  Often times, CTSi provides multiple options/scenarios with respective benefits and costs of each as well as concept plans or schematics and preliminary design plans. CTSi is also adept in taking solutions through regulatory, schematic and design approval process and support overall project development.