CTSi's Traffic/Transportation

CTSi's Traffic/Transportation planning and engineering services include:

• Traffic Operations Analysis

• Traffic Signal Warrant Studies

• Stop Warrant Studies

• Traffic Signal Design

• Traffic Impact Analysis

• Traffic Simulation/Traffic and Travel Demand Modeling

• Roadway Corridor Analysis

• Interchange Justification Reports (IJRs)

• Interchange Modification Reports (IMRs)

• Interchange Operational Analysis Reports (IOARs)

• Roadway and Traffic Inventories

• Parking and Circulation Studies

• Safety Studies/Speed Zone Studies/Sight Distance Studies/School Zone Studies

• Managed Lanes Evaluations (HOV, HOT lanes, and collector/ distributor lanes)

CTSi’s roadway design services encompass conceptual, schematic and detailed roadway designs.  CTSi takes ownership of the development, providing you with specific options and unique solutions from design to completion.   CTSi uses a combined traffic forecasting and simulation approach to evaluate roadway systems under existing and future conditions in determining and designing improvements that meet the system’s future needs.  CTSi finds efficient and safe solutions while minimizing maintenance costs over the life of the project.  CTSi’s roadway design services include:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Routing Analysis
  • Schematic Development
  • Minor Roadway Design
  • Intersection Design
  • Traffic Signal Design
  • Signing and Pavement Marking Design and Plans
  • Traffic Control Plans